ive never programmed a website before so i hope this doesnt suck and works properly. lol..... you're probably wondering what the fuck an amfractus is well umm. good question. just click here to look at my ocs until i make wiki entries for all that on here idfk

⌇🍈ꉂ⁎˚ : navi ) ̶͞ ̲ 🍮

im still unsure what to put everywhere, again pls be patient...... lol

。゚ character wiki ✶ฺ. (。・・。)

glen popov sonya galileo

ok so things i wanna put here in the future are a diaries of the two main characters, a relationship chart, some stories or small comics (?), and a top view of their apartment

will put art here 🦠